Why The Everest will turn into one of the world’s biggest races

I’m convinced The Everest will become one of the most significant races on the world racing calendar within a few years.
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It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be riding in the days leading up to a $10 million race, but I think the race will turn into one of the biggest initiatives in n racing since the invention of the TAB.

It goes without saying the prizemoney is astronomical and probably a large part of why the race has created so much interest.

I wouldn’t say I was skeptical about The Everest when the race was first announced, but probably more surprised. I didn’t know how it was going to work and didn’t give it much thought.

But I reckon there’s a few people who thought forking out $1.8 million for a three-year commitment wasn’t a good investment are wishing they did so now.

The real question was whether it was going to be sustainable. Without a doubt you would have to say it will be given the interest in the race so far and we haven’t even run the first edition yet.

It’s so interesting and I’ve loved watching slot-holders jockey for position to secure horses over the last six to eight weeks, just like jockeys who wrangle for rides in the lead-up to big events.

And I can only see international horses being set for the race in the future once they get a better understanding of what it’s about.

I really see a future for the race with so many big players involved as well as the syndicates of owners, such as Redzel and She Will Reign, who have had their horses picked up to run in the race.

Speaking of those two, I see them among the main threats to my mount Clearly Innocent winning The Everest at Randwick on Saturday.

I can’t say I was confident a few weeks ago about getting a ride in the race, but I’ve been getting a good feel for Clearly Innocent who is a horse I’ve ridden in the past and have so much time for.

I was actually offered the ride on Chautauqua a while ago and couldn’t make a firm commitment by the time they wanted one and was in the mix for English when Blake Shinn was suspended before he had his penalty quashed on appeal.

But by that time I was really warming to Clearly Innocent who just needed to run well in the Premiere Stakes to get picked up by Damion Flower.

I really think he’s a genuine winning chance and I’m not just saying that because I’m riding him. I don’t want to say he’s a better ride than English or one or two others, but he really has a bright future.

The dangers? I’ve got them down to three: Chautauqua, Vega Magic and She Will Reign.

Let me say this about Chautauqua, he is clearly the best horse in the race but if the track plays like it has for his last two starts then I don’t think he can win. Conditions are vital for him.

If they are similar to when he ran in The Shorts or the Premiere Stakes when the horses on top of the speed were running blistering times then he’s out of play I reckon. Sectionally its impossible for him to do what he needs to do and I want to see how the track’s playing leading up to The Everest.

Vega Magic and She Will Reign, in my opinion, are the other top picks and I have a healthy respect for Redzel, who I have won on in the past, and English.

What will I do if I manage to win the race? Well, I’ve just signed on as an ambassador for Mercedes Benz Parramatta and I wouldn’t mind seeing the latest wheels they’ve rolled onto their showroom floor.

But I’m just proud to have a ride in the inaugural running of The Everest, which I think will be here for a very, very long time.

Hugh Bowman will write a weekly column for Fairfax Media throughout the spring carnival.

For more information on The Everest go to theRaces成都夜总会招聘.au.

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