Jesinta ponders ‘retirement’ as gay marriage celebrant

Jesinta Franklin considered adding “marriage celebrant” to her CV so she could officiate at her friends’ same-sex wedding this summer.
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But the David Jones ambassador and vocal supporter of marriage equality said that given the wedding is in Thailand, she didn’t end up needing a legal qualification to conduct the wedding of the US-born couple.

“We were hoping same-sex marriage would have been [legal in ] by then … but hopefully on November 7 we will at least know the outcome of the [postal] vote,” Franklin said at the Caulfield Cup preview day in Melbourne on Friday.

“I didn’t have to do [the course] and that was the most heartbreaking thing. When they asked me if I wanted to do it, I said I would love to … but when they told me … it’s not official on the day, it actually made me quite teary.”

Still, Franklin, 26, said if she “does a good job” and her friends can eventually marry legally in that she would consider obtaining the qualification.

“If I get asked again, maybe I will do the course – it could be my retirement plan,” she said. Equality for the win ?????? Just posted our #YES votes off. Our generation is the most likely to forget to vote yet we have the power to make the biggest impact. Don’t be complacent, this simple act means so much to so many people and is your chance to make a difference ?????? @amequalityA post shared by JESINTA. (@jesinta_franklin) on Sep 20, 2017 at 4:14pm PDTWhilst I was in the air many of my close friends marched the streets of Sydney for Marriage Equality. I wish I was there to stand proudly side by side with you all ?????? I believe all ns should be treated equally under the law, in every facet of society. Marriage equality might not be something that crosses your mind or something that will impact your life directly, but for many ns this impacts their lives daily. Later on this year I get the honour of officiating two of my best friends marriage at their wedding. I didn’t have to do a celebrants course or take part in any official paperwork because, heartbreakingly, I can’t marry them officially as their marriage is not recognised in . This truly breaks my heart because when I look at them I witness two of the most amazing, kind, caring human beings who love eachother endlessly. They both work hard, contribute to our society, pay taxes and all of the other things Aussies do, but they aren’t allowed to get married!? Marriage should be a right, not a privilege! So when you receive the postal vote for Marriage Equality don’t just think; I’ll do that later, or, what does it even matter? This is your chance to make a difference and do something that will positively change the lives of so many n’s. ?????????????????????? Ps stole your pic @alexrathgeber ???? ** I respect that not everyone shares the same views as me, however, if you choose to write anything degrading, derogatory or disrespectful on my page you will be deleted and blocked.A post shared by JESINTA. (@jesinta_franklin) on Sep 10, 2017 at 3:10pm PDT

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