‘He’s full of s—‘: Sophie Monk hits out at Bachelorette evictee Sam

Sophie Monk has hit out at The Bachelorette’s latest evictee Sam, accusing him of lying and saying he made her feel “uncomfortable” on the show.

Sam, appearing on Kyle & Jackie O’s KIIS breakfast radio show to debrief following his eviction on Thursday night, was asked to pinpoint the moment his fortunes on the show changed.

“You were a bit of a frontrunner there, what went wrong?” host Jackie O asked the voice-over artist, 31.

“I talked about tits,” was his response, referring to an episode where he repeatedly commented on Monk’s “cans”.

“Two nights before that I was running around naked and my package was mentioned and my balls and my schlong,” he added, in an odd sort of defence.

He also said that Monk kissed him following their first solo date, but the footage was cut.

“They filmed it, they just didn’t show it… I think she kissed Jimmy on the same episode, so they, you know…” he added, hinting that Monk was getting a favourable edit from the show’s producers.

An unimpressed Monk, listening in from Thailand, dialled into the show right after Sam’s interview to set the record straight.

“Holy crap, I don’t think he thought I was going to listen to it,” she told the hosts.

She said the “kiss” was likely cut from the broadcast because it was forced.

“What happened is, I gave him a rose and pecked him to be polite, and he said ‘Can I have a peck?’. I said, ‘That was a peck…’, and then he grabbed my head and kissed me and made me feel really uncomfortable,” she said.

“If they cut it out, that’s why.”

She also denied ever commenting on Sam’s “package”.

“No, I never did… I don’t know what he’s trying to do. Probably the same thing he did on the show, trying to be famous,” said Monk.

“The whole time he made me feel uncomfortable,” she added. “He was always performing for the cameras… He didn’t even look at me half the time.”

Monk also threw in another dig at Sam, when the interview turned to the season’s oddest mystery: the culprit behind Jarrod’s pissy potplant.

“It’s Blake,” piped in Kyle. “Sam said he saw him do it.”

“But Sam also said he kissed me, so he’s full of shit!” replied Monk.

Monk also addressed the viewer backlash that met Wednesday night’s shock decision to send home audience favourite Luke.

“I had such a connection with him… That really hurt me,” she said. “But it’s such a fast-paced show, and you’ve got to make decisions…. I just felt the energy changed when I went on other dates.”

Thursday’s episode won the night’s ratings for Ten, with 985,000 viewers nationally.

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