Cancer charity cheat sacked from new job over claims

The former Hockeyroos goalkeeper will be sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to charges of obtaining a financial benefit from Redkite. Photo: Supplied

Despite being informed that former hockey star Kate Hubble had been dismissed from her previous job over serious concerns about her conduct and potential criminal charges, a recruitment agency received a fee for placing her in a promotions job with another charity, which has since fired her.

Beaumont Consulting’s managing director Nina Mapson Bone refused to comment on the suggestion that Hubble’s previous employer, cancer charity Redkite, had informed the recruitment agency “that Hubble had been summarily terminated for the falsification of medical documents”.

“I am not going to comment on the specifics of things that happened because I wouldn’t breach someone’s privacy,” Ms Mapson Bone said.

“I am satisfied that every process and every step that we took were appropriate and in line with best practice.

“We took a reference with someone who worked with her at Redkite.”

However, Ms Mapson Bone would not comment on whether she was satisfied this was a genuine reference or whether the recruiter had called that particular person.

Redkite fired Hubble in August after investigators confirmed the charity’s suspicion that Ms Hubble had forged medical certificates.

Life Education knew none of this when they hired Hubble in September. In fact, the first the organisation knew there was a problem was after a call from the Herald on Monday after Hubble entered a guilty plea in the Downing Centre Local Court.

Kate Hubble pretended she had cancer and took money from cancer charity Redkite. Photo: Supplied

Beaumont Consulting has since reimbursed the placement fee to Life Education NSW, which provides health and safety information to school children. The fee is believed to be 15 per cent of Hubble’s salary.

The former Hockeyroos goalkeeper will be sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to charges of obtaining a financial benefit from Redkite after she forged medical certificates to support her claims that she had cancer.

“To pretend you have a cancer while working in a cancer charity, is completely unfathomable,” said a source connected to Redkite.

The Herald has previously revealed that Hubble’s $73,000 per year salary was provided by a Perth benefactor whose own daughter had died of cancer.

Her colleagues at Redkite became suspicious of her claims, especially since Hubble showed no signs of illness despite constant claims of hospital admissions and having tumours removed.

The 32-year-old also told one colleague earlier this year that she had “run out of options” and only had months to live.

Hubble had detailed her new job in Life Education’s promotions department on LinkedIn. Her LinkedIn profile, which has since been deleted, also listed her former role with Redkite, which Hubble recorded as having finished in August.

Life Education terminated Hubble’s employment on Wednesday. The Herald understands Hubble made no mention of any illness in the three weeks she worked there.

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